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Reception and reservations are opened 7/7 and 24h with assistance.

Reservation can be made by phone and confirmed in writing, to avoid misunderstanding,or in writing only ( fax, e-mail, letter). The confirmation will follow within 24 hours with its precise cancellation policy.



Due to the limited number of rooms/suits it is essential that the hotel is well advised of any reservation cancellations.

The HOTEL DE LA PLACE DES VOSGES has specific procedures to be followed should this situation arise.

The hotel requests a minimum 72-hour cancellation policy for the benefit of its clients. In case of non respect of this policy a fixed one night fee will have to be charged corresponding with the category of the room reserved.

Please make sure this cancellation arrives in due time to avoid one-night charge and to respect other guests who may be on a waiting list and who wish to stay with us.

Cancellation can be made by phone and in this case a cancellation reference number will be given to you, or simply by e-mail or fax.  


NOTE: while it may be easier to make the reservation by e-mail you should not rely 100% on the internet, in case of modifying or cancelling, as it may not arrive to us on time.

Please assure yourself by calling the reservation desk which is open 7/7 and 24 hours, for confirmation of your request/cancellation.

This experience stays very rare, however, but to give you the best service, we feel you should be aware of it when travelling anywhere.




12, rue de Birague - 75004 - Paris
Tel : 33 (0)1 42 72 60 46
Fax : 33 (0)1 42 72 02 64

Siren: 572 146 678 Siret: 572 146 678 000 14 FR 20 572 146 678